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When it comes to tax reporting, accuracy and efficiency are essential to your firm's success. Inaccuracies in your investment tax reporting can result in significant financial penalties and immeasurable reputation damage.

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IRAs, HSAs, and CESAs: Year-End Reporting 2018

(Published December 17, 2018) Tax reporting is one of the primary responsibilities of an IRA, HSA, CESA custodian or trustee. This article will focus primarily on year-end distribution reporting for these types of tax advantaged accounts.

Health Savings Accounts: How Medicare Coverage Affects Regular Contribution Eligibility

(Published December 17, 2018) The purpose of an HSA is to pay for qualified medical expenses of the account owner, his/her spouse, and his/her tax dependents. This article will review how enrollment in Medicare may affect an individual’s ability to make HSA regular contributions.

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