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From front-end policy development and training through back-end monitoring and reporting, our solutions address your needs throughout the deposit and IRA workflow. Each is designed to help you comply with regulatory requirements and limit business risks as efficiently as possible when opening and maintaining accounts.

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Tech, cloud, data and compliance – addressing the challenges of smaller financial institutions in APAC

(Published March 25, 2019) Smaller firms may be aware of the need for automation of regulatory reporting, but some remain hesitant to take the plunge. Read this new commentary to explore some of the challenges that have been holding small banks and FIs back, and the opportunities that forward-thinking firms have been able to grasp.

An Update on Cost of Living Adjustments under Regulation CC

(Published March 14, 2019) A proposed rule to amend Regulation CC in late 2018 is approaching finalization, which is expected to make cost-of-living adjustments (COLA) to certain dollar amounts within the rule, as required by the Dodd-Frank Act. Those adjustments will require most financial institutions to update their funds-availability disclosure, send change notices and make other updates. The proposal also re-opened the comment period on rules changes proposed in 2011. Karl Leslie writes that as finalization of these rules looms, once the COLA changes are adopted, all financial institutions that offer checking accounts will be impacted—regardless of whether the agencies limit implementation to the 2018 proposal, or include some or all of the 2011 proposal.

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