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    IFRS 9 and Regulatory Reporting in Asia: Twin tracks, combined impact
    (Published April 18, 2017) Using concrete examples from reporting forms around the region, we show how IFRS 9 will reshape the reporting process, and how anticipating and planning for this ‘next wave’ of regulatory change will help ensure institutions remain at the forefront of the compliance curve.
    IFRS 9, CECL, BCBS 311: Preparing for Financial Standards around the World
    (Published November 22, 2016) This new whitepaper examines how the various standards are being interpreted across a range of jurisdictions. We analyze some of the benefits and drawbacks of each standard, and the likely impacts for financial institutions. Finally, we explore some of the urgent actions that firms should take now – both to smooth their path to implementation, and to avoid creating more problems down the road.
    Business Intelligence: A Tech Revolution for the Evolution in Compliance
    (Published September 15, 2016) This white paper discusses the rise of RegTech and explores the benefits which extend well beyond satisfying the supervisory watchdogs.
    After the Panama Papers: Addressing emerging AML and KYC challenges in Asia-Pacific
    (Published July 6, 2016) This paper by Wolters Kluwer experts provides insights on the main requirements for banks seeking to successfully navigate the emerging compliance landscape.
    Breaking down IFRS 9 implementation
    (Published May 23, 2016) Based on the input of Wolters Kluwer sector experts, this buyer’s guide to IFRS 9 solutions aims to assist companies in this vital decision-making process.
    Universal Data Model
    (Published May 17, 2016) Our newest paper looks at the challenges of addressing multiple regulatory requirements while striving for increased profitability. It explains how firms can normalize their internal data collection processes by adopting a universal data model.
    Senior Managers Regime
    (Published April 26, 2016) This paper looks at how firms can address the challenges resulting from the enactment of the senior manager’s regime by mapping out responsibilities and operations and gaining a wider understanding of dependencies across functions, departments and roles.
    IFRS 9: Unexpected Gains from Expected Losses
    (Published April 14, 2016) This new whitepaper outlines how - if all centers of leadership act in concert - an institution can comply successfully with, and benefit from, IFRS 9.
    Tackling Regulatory Change Management with OneSumX
    (Published March 25, 2016) Tackling regulatory change in your organization? Read this white paper to learn how leveraging the expertise embedded in the products and services from Wolters Kluwer can help you manage the impact of operational change while you build a solid, robust compliance management program.
    Operational Risk in the Spotlight
    (Published March 15, 2015) Banks are entering a step-change in the way operational risk is viewed and managed. Read our whitepaper to learn about the four key trends that are pushing operational risk up the agenda.
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