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  • With more than 60 years’ consulting experience, Wolters Kluwer regularly shares its thought leadership and industry expertise across a wide range of financial, regulatory, audit, compliance and risk management topics. Following is a select listing of articles reflecting published commentary from our subject matter experts.

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    Streamlining Banks’ Paperwork Journey: An Integrated Approach to Managing Finance, Risk and Reporting
    (Published April 6, 2017) For banks to thrive in the new regulatory landscape, it’s important to build processes for finance, risk and reporting that can be upgraded and are capable of handling rapid regulatory changes without constant re-invention.
    Wolters Kluwer Named Category Leader in 2017 RiskTech Quadrant® for Enterprise GRC Solutions
    (Published March 30, 2017) For the fourth consecutive time, Wolters Kluwer has been named a category leader in the RiskTech Quadrant® of Chartis Research’s Enterprise GRC Solutions report for 2017, garnering rankings of category leader for the study’s Operational Risk Management, IT Risk Management, and Audit Management segments.
    Small Business Lending
    (Published March 30, 2017) In this article The NAFCU Journal speaks with credit unions and Wolters Kluwer’s Director of Commercial Lending Michael Fuchs about the business opportunity for commercial lending at credit unions.
    Cultivating Soft Skills: Your Compliance Program’s Cherry Topping
    (Published February 17, 2016) Cultivating a compliance culture using “soft skills” has become a very real thing in today’s business world, and regulators have increasingly made it part of the regulatory lexicon. In this ABA Bank Compliance magazine cover story, Barbara Boehler explores how so-called soft skills are viewed as essential in building a sound compliance program.
    Redlining: Everything Old Is New Again
    (Published February 14, 2017) Fair lending enforcement activity never seems to fade away. One of the hottest trending topic in fair lending risk right now surrounds the old-fashioned practice of redlining. Wolters Kluwer experts Timothy R. Burniston and Barbara Boccia address the redlining practices and the risks it poses to fair lending.
    Determining the Loan Purpose: The New Challenges
    (Published December 21, 2016) One of the common threads running across the new Uniform Residential Loan Application (“URLA”), the disclosure requirements of Regulations X and Z (“TRID”), and the reporting requirements of Regulation C (“HMDA”) is the requirement that the lender identify the loan purpose. It is possible for the loan purpose to be the same for the new URLA and under TRID and HMDA. This article examines the need to recognize that the loan purpose may be different for each and what lenders can do to prepare for that eventuality.
    Compliance Concerns Easing for Banks
    (Published November 10, 2016) Banks and credit unions across the nation are reporting a collective decrease in their concern levels for risk and regulation, according to the results of Wolters Kluwer’s annual Regulatory and Risk Management Indicator featured in the MReport. This is the first decline the survey has seen in four years.
    Deemed Dividends Without Cash—New IRS Proposed Code Sec. 305(c) Regs Trigger Outcry and Create Challenges for Convertible Debt, Stock and Rights
    (Published 2016) In this Journal of Taxation of Financial Products article, Wolters Kluwer senior director and tax counsel, Stevie Conlon, analyzes the Proposed 305(c) regulations, including a discussion of the relevant legislative history and pre-existing IRS guidance.
    Survey Roundup: Anxiety Over Compliance on the Decline
    (Published November 11, 2016) Anxiety over compliance is on the decline, according to Wolters Kluwer’s latest Regulatory & Risk Management Indicator. The Wall Street Journal featured Wolters Kluwer’s annual findings in a roundup of recent surveys dealing with risk and compliance issues.
    What! Concerns Over Risk Management, Reg Compliance Actually Decline
    (Published November 10, 2016) Although Wolters Kluwer’s annual survey results show that banks and credit unions concerns over risk management and regulatory compliance have collectively dropped, new worries are taking their place. Cybersecurity and regulatory change management were cited among the top risks anticipated in the coming 12 months.
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